Urodynamic Testing

What is Urodynamic Testing?

Urodynamic testing includes a variety of procedures that look at how well your bladder and related systems store and release urine.

Urodynamic testing may be recommended by your health care provider to discover why you are having incontinence, or involuntary release of urine.

Getting Ready for Urodynamic Testing

Arrive for your testing with a full bladder.

How is Urodynamic Testing Done?

  • You will urinate into a container to determine the rate at which your bladder empties and the volume of urine.
  • A thin tube called a catheter will be inserted into your urethra to measure the volume of any urine remaining in your bladder. This can cause a slight burning sensation, but is not painful.
  • Your bladder may be refilled with water through the catheter for further measurements.

If Your Healthcare Provider has Recommended Urodynamic Testing

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